About this programme

A collection of psychology-informed modules to support teenagers, parents and teachers navigate the teenage years

  • Developed by our team of psychologists with extensive experience working with families and adolescents

  • Includes collaborations with a skateboarding college, a nutritionist, a physiotherapist and an aerial and circus teacher,

  • Integrates a range of psychological therapies including CBT, family therapy, DBT, ACT and Mindfulness

  • Membership option available to include direct access to our team of psychologists

  • Includes mini-course, downloads and skills-based tutorials for teens to dip in and out of as needed

  • Fun and engaging approach - we know how hard it can be to engage teens!

In development: the teenage collection

To support mental health, emotional resilience, self-esteem and family functioning

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • A message from your psychologist

    • Sneaky peak

    • Tell us what you want covered...

    • Next steps


Once released the cost will be £199 for one-time fee and lifetime access or £39 per month as part of our membership programme